Rubber & Plastic Additives

Azelis is a leading distributor for the rubber industry, offering a full range of products including elastomers, natural and synthetic rubber, chemical additives and fillers such as silica, carbon black and pigments.

We supply all major market segments including tyres, cables, industrial rubber for products like hoses, belts and automotive products, and rubber for electrical and household applications. We also supply a number of growing specialist applications, such as children’s playground surfaces, sports halls and artificial grass.

Azelis is a premier distributor of high quality materials, pigments, additives, flame retardants and reinforcements for plastics, textiles and wood applications. We provide added value service to extrusion and compounders (Standard Polymers and Engineering Plastics) and Masterbatch Producers, within the Polyvinyl Chloride Industries and Polyurethane Industries. Azelis has dedicated staff focused in each of these important areas especially for the automotive, electrical and electronics industries.

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